About the Free Speech Project

The nonpartisan and independent Free Speech Project at Georgetown University will assess the condition of Free Speech in America today - in higher education, in civil society, and in the world of state and local government. It will assemble information on a national scale, document incidents in which Free Speech has been challenged or compromised in recent years, and collect analysis from various points of view of the struggle to sustain First Amendment values in these divisive and tense times. The Free Speech Project will also be concerned with the health of independent media and their ongoing capacity to help citizens understand how government is conducting the public's business. After two years, the Free Speech Project hopes to be able to suggest new frameworks to enhance the prospects for lucid and open conversation in the public sphere, especially on college and university campuses, about the great issues of our time.

The Free Speech Project is a faculty-led initiative. The content presented on the website and the Free Speech Tracker does not represent the views or official position of Georgetown University.

For preliminary analysis of the findings of the Free Speech Tracker, head to Knight Foundation's blog, Informed and Engaged, for a report from Director Sanford Ungar.

What people are saying about us

The Project "will not only keep track of what’s happening — useful in itself — but find ways to promote civil discussion across political divisions. Protecting this basic American right sounds like it should be simple enough, but it’s often a minefield. (Or, at the moment, a football field.) 'Everybody believes in free speech,' Ungar notes, 'until you get to the topic on which they don’t.'" Read more here.
-Margaret Sullivan, Media Columnist, The Washington Post

"Now Sandy Ungar has a new job title: director of The Free Speech Project (Georgetown University), with funding from the Knight Foundation." Read more here.
-Ronald K.L. Collins, First Amendment News

"Georgetown unveiled (with Knight Foundation support) a website on free speech in America..." Read more here.
-James Warren, Poynter Institute