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The Project “will not only keep track of what’s happening — useful in itself — but find ways to promote civil discussion across political divisions. Protecting this basic American right sounds like it should be simple enough, but it’s often a minefield. (Or, at the moment, a football field.) ‘Everybody believes in free speech,’ Ungar notes, ‘until you get to the topic on which they don’t.’”
The civil rights and Vietnam protests changed America. Today, they might be illegal, The Washington Post

Margaret Sullivan
Media Columnist, The Washington Post

“Now Sandy Ungar has a new job title: director of The Free Speech Project (Georgetown University), with funding from the Knight Foundation.”
Sanford Ungar Heads New Free Speech Project at Georgetown University, First Amendment News

Ronald K.L. Collins
First Amendment News

“Georgetown unveiled (with Knight Foundation support) a website on free speech in America.”
Why journalists should envy, heed Lillian Ross, Poynter

James Warren
Poynter Institute