"What Does Mueller's Indictment of Russians Say About Free Speech?" Newsweek, February 2018. John Samples of the CATO Institute argues that national security concerns surrounding Russia's involvement in the 2016 Presidential election may damage the Free Speech of American citizens.

“Leaks are actually the lifeblood of American democracy,” The Washington Post, August 2017.Free Speech Project Director Sanford Ungar counters the Trump administration’s strong condemnation of leaks, citing the historical and contemporary importance of leaks to America’s democratic system.

“Trump blocking people on Twitter is childish, but it’s hardly a 1st Amendment violation,” The Los Angeles Times, July 2017.
This editorial condemns President Trump for blocking certain people on his private Twitter account, although it stops short of claiming that doing so violated the First Amendment rights of the blocked individuals.  

“The Washington Post’s New Social Media Policy Forbids Disparaging Advertisers,” The Washingtonian, June 2017.
The Washingtonian reports on the Washington Post’s revised social media policy for employees, noting concerns expressed by the Post’s chapter of the Newspaper Guild.

“Why I Have Nothing to Say About the NSA Leak,” The Council on Foreign Relations, June 2017.
Robert K. Knake, a senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations, criticizes the federal government’s outdated regulations concerning classified material and leaked documents.

“Tracking Trump-era assault on press norms,” Columbia Journalism Review, May 2017.
The Columbia Journalism Review compiles instances in which President Donald Trump or his administration threatened the freedom of the press.