Free Speech Workshops

Since launching in 2017, we have hosted several workshops focused on the intersection of Free Speech and a pressing topic in current affairs. Below is a snapshot of our efforts:

Serious Talk About Comedy: Free Speech Project Hosts Pop Culture Reporter

With Washington Post reporter Elahe Izadi. January 20, 2020

Ungar interviewed Izadi at last night’s workshop about her experience talking with well-known comedians, doing stand-up and the ways in which comedy can define and cross boundaries.

“There’s a history in this country and in other countries of comedy being a space where there are boundaries being pushed against people in power,” says Izadi, who also has covered everything from crime to Congress. “It’s a really powerful art form because you can very easily subvert ideas and get to the core of an issue.”

The Right to Lie

Chinese Censorship

Free Speech and Sports: Protect Sports Players’ Free Speech, Blackistone Says

With Washington Post reporter and ESPN commentator Kevin Blackistone. October 22, 2019.

“There are a lot of restrictions, constrictions in sports that you won’t necessarily find other places which is why when an incident, a moment does take place in sports, where someone exercises their freedom of speech, it becomes such a big story,” Blackistone said. “We’ve set this up as an arena, a stage, a platform where this is not supposed to take place, and where you have surrendered your right to freedom of speech in order to participate in these games.”

The Suppression of Free Speech in High Schools

Free Speech and The American Protest