Pitched battles in the streets of Berkeley, California, as rival factions fight over who should be allowed to speak at one of America's great public universities.  A faculty member seriously injured on the idyllic campus of Middlebury College in Vermont as violence erupts at a talk by a controversial visitor that she attempted to moderate.  Bedlam on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives with pistol-packing legislators threatening to kill each other.  A Princeton professor receives death threats and goes into hiding after cellphone videos of a commencement speech she gave in New England, in which she criticized President Trump, go viral. A massive replica of the Ten Commandments erected near the Arkansas State Capitol, but bulldozed into smithereens hours later by an angry citizen. A neighborhood pizza parlor in the nation's capital hurled into the spotlight after a "fake news" conspiracy report inspires a North Carolina man to open fire in the restaurant. One of America's great newspapers, the Los Angeles Times, reduced to recruiting subscribers by promising "We publish what's REAL."

What is happening to Free Speech in America?  The Free Speech Project at Georgetown University, launched with the support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, aspires to find out and to analyze the condition of First Amendment values.  Watch this space over the weeks and months ahead.


  • The College of William & Mary — September 27, 2017
    February 13, 2018
    BLM protesters shout down ACLU speaker Williamsburg, VA Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Virginia, was invited by the College of William & Mary’s student organization AMP (Alma Mater Productions) for a discussion titled “Students and the First Amendment.” However, the event did not proceed as planned. It […]
  • Nebraska: Legislative Bill 718 (2018)
    February 13, 2018
    Nebraska unicameral legislature considers Free Speech bill Lincoln, NE The “Higher Education Free Speech Accountability Act” was introduced on the first day of the Nebraska legislature’s 2018 session. This bill would protect “spontaneous expressive activity” on public college and university campuses and impose sanctions on protesters who disrupt speakers on campus. It is inspired by […]
  • University of California, Berkeley – April 2017
    February 8, 2018
    Conservative pundit cancels appearance Berkeley, CA Ann Coulter cancelled a planned appearance at the University of California, Berkeley, when opposing groups clashed on campus on the day she was planning to speak. The conservative student groups that initially sponsored the event had already pulled their support, due to concern for their members’ safety. Key Players […]
  • University of Delaware – June 2017
    January 29, 2018
    After controversial Facebook post, university declines to rehire adjunct anthropologist Newark, DE The University of Delaware (UD) announced it would not rehire Katherine Dettwyler, an adjunct professor who said on her personal Facebook page that Otto Warmbier “got what he deserved.” Warmbier was a college student from Ohio who died on June 19, 2017, after […]